Cheque Discounting

Cheque discounting – access to cash for your business needs

Tiran company provides  cheque discounting service offering an immediate, long term solution to your liquidity problems converting debts into cash:  paying salaries or goods and the repayment of debts.

The cheque are converted by Tiran to cash, deducting the interest amount and handling charges.

The big advantage of the service, is that your business can continue to operate without the need for a loan or overdraft.

Thanks to the thousands of customers who rely on our cheque discounting operations, we are able to give you comfortable repayment terms, lower comission than you will be given elsewhere.

The benefits of cheque discounting  with Bank Tiran

Rapid improvement of cash flows
Option to select the frequency and amounts of cheque discounting
Capability for further investments
Possibility to enjoy non-bank credit without collateral gaps as is customary in banks
Enjoy flexible loan terms and interest rates
Fast and professional service
while maintaining your confidentiality

The great advantage of the service, is that your business can continue to run, without the need for a loan or going into unnecessary minuses in the bank which charge higher interest rates than the commission paid for the bank discounting.

Thanks to the thousands of customers who trust us in cheque discounting operations, we are able to provide you with favorable repayment terms, at particularly lucrative commissions that will not be given to you anywhere else.

To enable you to cheque discounting, there are a number of REQUIREMENTS
The check is negotiable
Not limited in terms of tradable redeemable date
Maintenance illegal
Determining the position of a member of Tiran and that there is no legal reason to prevent the repayment.
Obtaining a personal guarantee from owner of the check.
Tiran company limits the amount of exposure of cheques for early repayment. This limit is determined in advance individually for each customer.
Tiran company checks the credit history of an applicant action as a condition for the transaction.

Submitting your discounting checks application

And get an answer within half an hour in 2 steps


Take a picture of the check by phone


Send it to us
by WhatsApp

How the pre-business procedure of cheque discounting is carried out
The customer sends us a photocopy of the cheque + his full details - by fax/ e-mail/ whatsapp
We immediately conduct a comprehensive initial check regarding the cheque.
Contact you
We contact the client to present the test results
If necessary, the customer is scheduled to meet with a representative of the group's business marketing team.

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